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Going mobile: developing mobile apps

Teaching in a world of mobile everything (iPADs, smart phones, laptops, etc.) provides a new canvas for educators. Dr. Andy Bennett will present his use of html5 and iOS to develop mobile applications for teaching math. Professor and Q-Center Director in the Department of Mathematics, Bennett is the recipient of the 2012 Mathematical Association of American Kansas Section Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching of Mathematics.


Music and Technology in the Classroom

Cora Cooper Music

Combining teaching of violin, viola, chamber music and string techniques, expertise in violin pedagogy, research in music by women composers, and professional symphony experience, Cora Cooper transforms her musical passions into an engaging online course.  Developing “Women in Music” offered this professor interesting challenges in designing both the learning and assessments.  The result is an evolving use of audio-based tools, music resources, and e-learning technologies to enhance music education. Come prepared to listen and learn.

Advancing Public Knowledge of Traumatic Brain Injury: Creating Change in Kansas

Debra M. Sellers School of Family Studies and Human Services

The TBIoptions: Promoting Knowledge educational program increases Kansans’ understanding of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and the importance of community in enhancing the health of survivors and family members. Valuable and diverse partnerships across Kansas State University, with state agencies and organizations, and with community members support the creation of relevant, enlightening programmatic content. Distinctive educational methods include video vignettes of survivors from Kansas, corresponding reflective questions, and audience choice. These programmatic elements augment participant understanding through personalization of the effects of traumatic brain injury, application of content to real-life experiences, and support of self-discovery learning. Two methods of delivery provide effective options to learners as the program is available online and as a public offering through the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. The program is slated for state-wide implementation in August 2012.