K-State Online provides centralized tools for teaching and learning at K-State and provides the base for utilizing other tools such as online TEVAL or the Survey System. Stop by to find out more about K-State Online, ask questions about its use or, if you have never used it before, learn about what it can provide you and your courses.

Scott Finkeldei
Office of Mediated Education

Amanda Tross
Office of Mediated Education


The LARCP department will be highlighting how synthetic landscape generation software is being used to depict virtual landscapes featuring highly detailed terrain, vegetation, water, and full atmospherics. This software is suitable for illustrating proposed meadow and wetland landscapes and how it might be possible to integrate planting design with stormwater runoff modeling.

Howard Hahn
Landscape Architecture/Regional & Community Planning

Photo of Miriam Clark

Miriam Clark, Information Systems Office

The Data Cookbook provides a central, highly visible Web-based location to store and manage our institutional data knowledge. By defining business and technical terms in a specific way (to allow access to precise information stored on various databases on campus), it saves hours of staff time spent explaining, researching, and learning the meaning of the terms used across Kansas State University.

Administrators and various functional offices are using the Data Cookbook to define core data in collaboration with partners on campus. This will make the reporting process more efficient in addition to providing a central place to share our terminology.
The Data Cookbook is one of those things you can jump into right away. It includes approval, sharing and collaborating features. (More information about Data Cookbook in general may be found at http://www.datacookbook.com).

Come join me and see what the Data Cookbook can do for you! This presentation will include some real-world scenarios of data requests for reports and the uses of the knowledge in the Data Cookbook to extract that specific information for official reports. This tool is used by faculty to define the institutional data they need for their research and other work on campus.

The E-Learning Faculty Modules Wiki is an online asynchronous modular resource for faculty who need assistance as they develop coursework. The team created the wiki for all levels of experience. Over 25 faculty and staff from across campus have contributed to this project.

High quality courses are imperative as we face competition from other universities who seek to serve the same students. Kansas State University has a real desire to ensure that all courses offered to distance students are well designed, expertly taught, and adhere to legal considerations.

Lynda Spire
Division of Continuing Education

Rosemary Boggs
Division of Continuing Education

Brent Anders, Artur Gregorian, Zachary Caby, Office of Mediated Education

See how using green screen in video can be used to enhance video for use in your online or face-to-face classroom. Come by and experience it for yourself as we put you in virtually any environment. You’ll see yourself on screen with motivating/creative and educational backgrounds. The potential power of this tool is virtually limitless, feel the power!

Gaming devices offer exciting, low-cost options for enhancing learning options in wide variety of subjects.  See how WiiMotes, WiiFit Balance Boards, and the Microsoft Kinect can be utilized within the classroom environment.

Nathan Bean
GK-12 Program Coordinator

I will have software running to show faculty how students access coursework.  This technology can show you why some students struggle with accessing information.  I will talk about common pitfalls in creating PDF files and other instructional content.

Jason Maseberg-Tomlinson
Disability Support Services