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Digital English for International Students

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Lina Metlevskiene

Lina Metlevskiene

In recent years online interaction and collaboration has become a common element in our students’ university careers.  Students may choose to take online courses and their face to face classes may require online assignments.  International students need to be able to present themselves and interact in English without the benefit of body language, facial expression and tone of voice.  For our international students, it’s very important to be familiar with the different online tools and to be able to use appropriate language in the different online settings.  This two hour class combines language instruction with instruction in web 2.0 tools and strategies for working effectively in multicultural environments.  Students will use KSOL message boards, blogs, Google Docs, YouTube, and VoiceThread.   They will collaborate on a final project on American Culture that will be posted on the ElateWiki, a national award winning wiki created here at K-State.