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“She Told Me Stories”: Documentary Kansas History Film Project

Screening and project discussion of the film “She Told Me Stories,” which was created by K-State faculty and staff from Spring to Fall of 2011.
Supported by a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council, K-State faculty and students traveled to Garden City, Topeka, Beloit, Alma, Westmoreland, Clay Center, Nicodemus, and the Kickapoo Nation (as well as within Manhattan), to interview community historians, non-academic chroniclers, Historical Society members, and family memorykeepers about the Kansas history they have preserved as well as their activities as preservers of culture. Faculty and students taught ourselves technical and interview skills to conduct the video interviews, and several members of the project learned FinalCut Pro to edit over 200 hours of film into the 50 minute documentary. This demonstration will screen the film, and will have project members available to discuss the filmmaking process.

Michele Janette
Women’s Studies